🇸🇪Oscar Zia is the host of Melodifestivalen 2022


Oscar Zia leads the entire Swedish party, which is also planning for a tour next year. After the start of the shoot in Malmö on Saturday 5 February, Melodifestivalen will continue to Gothenburg, Linköping, Lidköping, Örnsköldsvik and closeoneto Stockholm. Melodifestivalen’s project manager Anette Brattström is very pleased with the choice of host and is pleased to plan for a tour. 

“Melodifestivalen is the whole of Sweden’s party and we can’t wait to come to the country and meet the audience again.   

We are hopeful, charged and believe in a tour, but at the same time are compliant and humbled that there is still a pandemic going on.   

Anette Brattström on the choice of host : – O scar Z ia is a thoroughbredertainer who with its charm, breadth and twinkle in his eye feels completely self-written as a host. 

He has competed three times, visited us as a presenter before and has also watched Melodifestivalen since he was a child. And Oscar is loaded for the task. 

“It obviously feels like an honorable assignment – suddenly I’m in line for Kristian Luuk, Petra Mede and Gina Dirawi.   

I’ve been watching Melodifestivalen since I was a kid, the whole family would watch and no one was allowed to talk, I didn’t want to miss a second! “I’m very excited to go on tour and I’m going to do my best to lead the viewers through this party,” Zsaid. About Oscar Zia  O scar Z ia made his Melodifestivalen debut in 2012 with the song ” Jalla D ansa S awa “. 


He then participated asa solo artist and made it to the final with “Yes We Can”. In 2016, Oscar jwasUryn’s favorite in the Mello final and won the competition’s second place with the song “Human”. Since 2017 he writes and sings mainly in Swedish and he has also had several program management efforts both on radio and television. Melodifestivalentittarna could as recently as this spring see Oscar as host together with Anis Don Demina. In addition to music and program lead, Oscar Zia is currently featured in the drama series Skitsamma! and he has one of the main roles in the young drama All that remains that is broadcast on SVT this spring.