🇵🇱Interview with Ochman from Poland


Thanks to the HoD of the Polish Delegation, we made this beautiful interview with Ochman 🙂 Check it out

How is this period for you?

Very exciting time. Always open to new experiences so i feel great!

How can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Passionate, focused, open

When did you discovered your passion for music?

Probably around the beginning of highschool. When i was 13-14 yrs Old. Did a lot of musicals and became more serious about it sometime in the middle

When you walk into the stage, how you manage your emotions?

to think that nothing else in that moment matters. Just me and my voice and what i want to show everyone. Its my job(:

Which is the message of your song? 

For finding a moment of inner Peace throughout all the noise. We tend to stress about the future. We stress about something that hasnt occured yet so it can get pretty closterphobic.

Which is your top 5 of this year edition?

I like all the Songs but u probably enjoyed listening to brividi, not the same, Stefanie, Secret, and space man the most

Which is your favorite Eurovision winner of all time?

I started following eurovision 2 years ago because i Was in the US earlier and didnt have people around me that really followed it. I loved Barbara Pravi’s Song and performance though(:

Ocham will sing “RIVER” in the Eurovision 2022! Check the official video: