🇸🇪Interview with Cornelia Jakobs from Sweden


We thank very much to the Head of Delegation, Anna Maria Havskogen, for the interview with the gorgeous and our possible winner, Cornelia Jakobs! Check the answers below:

Who is Cornelia Jakobs?

It’s me, firstly.I’m a singerandsongwriter from Sweden.I’ve been doing music since I was 5 and I’m 30 years old.

How and when did you start with music?
I discovered that I loved to sing when I was about five and when I was seven,I started to sing on my dad’s concerts, like doing guest appearances. And that was when I noticed that I love to be on stage and to express myself in that way.I’ve been a part of different bands during my childhood and went to a music high school and at that time I started to work with music. That’s how its pretty much started.

The Swedish entry “Hold Me Closer” is written by you with fellow writers & musicians–can you tell us about it?

The Swedish entry “Hold Me Closer” is written by me, Isa Molin and David Zandén who I’ve written a lot with since then. I love to write with them since we think a like in so many ways,we like to take the time to really put the details right and that is something I haven’t felt with many writers or producers before.I like to give a song time, nowadays this industry is a lot about being quick. They are so talented and we have so many more songs to come.

How does it feel to represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest?

I feel honored and happy and overwhelmed but still super excited, all in a good way. The fact that I get to represent my country in Eurovision,which is like the most beautiful event that we have. It’s so crazy that we get all the countries together, everyone gets involved in one way or another and it like connects us. It makes the world a little bit smaller for two weeks,which is so beautiful and nice. I still can’t really understand it all to be honest, it’s almost like when you’re thinking about space,it’s too big to even handle.

What do you think is more important–the song or the stage show?

Well,I would definitely say the song itself, but I also think it’s very important to mirror the song visually.

How does it feel to be one of the favorites this year?

Of course,I feel super happy to be one of the favorites before hand. It’s crazy and like the biggest compliment to be honest. I try to see it like that because there’s of course also a perspective of pressure and it has happened many times before that someone who is hyped don’t get votes because the viewers don’t think it is necessary. I mean it’s always a risk to be in the top before hand. I don’t take anything for granted in any way. I try to focus on the fact that is just a super big compliment,and it makes me so happy because it means that there’s a lot of people out there who likes the song and likes what I’m doing. That’s the important thing.

Which songs and artists are your favorites this year?

I haven’t seen all of them yet but there’s a lot of women this year that is so good I’m especially in love with Monica from Lithuania. Her jazzy vibe, super cool song and she’s so iconic in her look and super sweet. I met her briefly and she was sonice,and I really like thesong. And also, there are the Netherlands, S10. Super beautiful song also. And I love Chanel,she so f***ing cool, such a great dancer and I love her energy and she’s so,like, free.I like her whole vibe.

That’s all 🙂 You can see the Cornelia Jakobs performance from Melodifestivalen below: