🇬🇷Interview with Amanda Tenfjord from Greece


Amanda Tenfjord one of the fans favorites was answered to our questions! Check the answers below:

How is this period for you?

It’s epic, it’s wonderful, its’ Eurovision! I feel blessed to be in Turin, representing my country, Greece 

How can you describe yourself in 3 words?

I love music!

When did you discovered your passion for music?

It was in a very young age, I was just five years old when I started playing piano. But also listening to greek music, like Manos Loizos and Mikis Theodorakis, is something that I was doing since I remember myself. 

When you walk into the stage, how you manage your emotions?

Every artist has a little bit of anxiety before entering the stage. I always remember that this is my song, this is my truth. I try to focus on delivering the song to the audience as it should be. 

Which is the message of your song?

It is a song about romantic love. ‘Die Together’ is a metaphor, on a situation when you love someone and you feel that you might not have him in your life again. 

Which is your top 5 of this year edition?

Hmmmm so difficult! I ‘d say Mahmood and Blanco, Maro, Cornelia Jacobs, Sam Ryder, Andromachi. But I might change my mind again! So many good songs in this Eurovision 

Which is your favorite Eurovision winner of all time?

When I was much younger I was a little bit in love with Alexander Rybakk. But I also loved so much ‘Euphoria’ by Laureen and ‘My Number One’ by Helena Paparizou. So this is my top 3!

Amanda is competing for Greece, we invite you to check the official video for her song “DIE TOGETHER”: