Interview with Emma Muscat from Malta


Hello guys and welcome back to our interviews! Today we had a nice talk with Emma Muscat who will represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022!

How is this period for you?

This period has been a rollercoaster of emotions.  It’s been hectic, but incredibly exciting.   I’ve visited many countries and experienced the love of the crowd for me and my song and this is the most rewarding.

How can you describe yourself in 3 words? 

Determined, sensitive, passionate

When did you discovered your passion for music?

Growing up I was constantly surrounded by classical music,  with both my mum and grandfather being pianists, so I can say that  I naturally followed in their footsteps.   I started piano lessons at the age of 6 and immediately realised that my forte was at the piano.  My voice was a gift given to me by God and I discovered my passion for singing at a young age after I performed on stage for the first time during a piano recital.   I also took part in school concerts and was encouraged by teachers to take up singing seriously.    

When you walk into the stage, how you manage your emotions? 

For me getting up on stage empowers me!  The stage is my home and I feel confident performing. 

Which is the message of your song? 

I am what I am is an anthem for self love. It reminds us that we are all individually unique and perfect the way we are.  With Eurovision being such a massive platform watched by over 200 million people, I wanted to bring to the contest a powerful and uplifting song

Which is your top 5 of this year edition?

Italy, Malta, Poland, Uk & Albania

Which is your favorite Eurovision winner of all time?

Loreen – Euphoria 

This year, Emma Muscat will sing “I AM WHAT I AM” on the big stage in Turin! Check the official video here:

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