🇩🇪Interview with Malik Harris from Germany


Welcome to the first interview with a Eurovision 2022 participant! We have the honor to talk with Malik from Germany and here you can read the answers! Check it out:

How is this period for you?

It’s extremely exciting and a lot of fun! I’m just enjoying this whole crazy journey and I’m super grateful and happy to be a part of it

How can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Oh I’m so bad at this. I’d probably say kind, thoughtful and funny (for some :D)

When did you discover your passion for music?

At an early age. I grew up in a very musical family and I have no memory of my childhood where there wasn’t some amazing song playing in the background. So at a very young age I started singing along and developing a huge passion for good and honest music.

When you walk onto the stage, how do you manage your emotions?

I just get super excited and hyped. I don’t feel much nervousness to be honest, because I just love standing in front of many people and playing my songs. So before a show I just tell myself what a privilege it is to be able to walk on that huge stage, share my stories and feel that kind of excitement in my whole body.

Which is the message of your song?

I wrote ‘Rockstars‘ after watching an episode of my favorite US-show ’The Office’ and hearing this quote: ‘I wish there was a way to know you’re in the Good Old Days – before you’ve actually left them.’ That moment was so intense for me, I immediately started crying and, after whiping away my tears, also writing this song. It’s about the ‘Good Old Days‘ of my childhood and youth, those lighthearted, mindless times when being happy was so easy and unconditional and how we all somehow leave those times behind at a certain point and get caught up in thoughts, doubts, our everyday lives and so on and so on. The realization of somehow having left those good old days was very painful but also made me realize something, which led me to the message I wish to convey: I’m trying to remind all of us through this song that we should stop always looking for the good old days in the past, but rather try to find them in the present, because they actually never really stop – we just have to change the way we’re looking for them.

Which is your top 5 of this year’s edition?

Stefania by Kalush Orchestra, Miss You by Jérémie Makiese, Space Man by Sam Ryder, Lights Off by We Are Domi and Circles by Andrea

Which is your favorite Eurovision winner of all time?

Probably Arcade by Duncan Laurence. I just love the intimacy of the song and the performance and how it’s so untypical for Eurovision since it’s super reduced and doesn’t have any ‚distractions‘ happening on stage, just a guy playing the piano and telling his song. Simply beautiful.

You can watch the video of Malik’s Rockstar song here:

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