The final of the Selectia Nationala will be on this Saturday, when we find out which song, out of the remaining 10, will represent Romania at the international competition in May, in Turin.

The show will be presented by Eda Marcus, who brings sports news to the public.

“It’s the jewel that lacked big TVR events in me. I started with Eurovision junior many years ago, I continued after my professional maturation with the Golden Stag in 2019, then with the New Year’s program of TVR 1 in 2021. Eurovision was the wish that came true at the right time, now that I am more ready like never before for him. I have been waiting for him for years and I am glad that the universe has given me this gift “, Eda told us.

The final, a show full of tension

The TVR presenter says that she has a “long and passionate” relationship with this event.

“I grew up with him, not missing any show, starting with the final in Romania and continuing with the European show.

As the daughter of a TVR entertainment show producer (no. Nicoleta Păun), I had in my blood this fascination for the TVR brand events and even if Eurovision is a musical event made in Europe, the Romanian final in choosing the representative of the country is of paramount importance to any television presenter.

It is a great pride and professional fulfillment that the project creators gave me the vote of confidence to host the final. And it is a performance for me to have in my record what few presenters have: the Golden Stag, New Year’s Eve and Eurovision “, Eda Marcus confessed to us.

As for the final on March 5, the presenter promises us “a show full of tensions, emotions of all kinds, but also of real entertainment. It will not be an easy task, but it will be a real television show. “

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