Maria Mohn answered to your questions!


We have a nice talk with Maria Mohn (Melodi Grand Prix 2022 contestant), and of course we asked her to answer to your questions send via e-mail!

So, let’s see the answers 🙂

1. How do you describe yourself in 3 words?
Dedicated – Creative – Honest

2. How did you decide to re-enroll in MGP?
After TIX won last year I just HAD to try one more time, to get to the Eurovision is such a huge dream for me, I can’t give up on it 😅❤️

3. How did the idea for the song come to you and what is the story behind it?
I admit that I thought about Rybak’s Fairytale and I wanted to make something that was really nordic, epic and – just a theme that you could chant along to and feel the beat of the drums, feel strong and empowered. I also wanted to write a song about what’s most important to me – my three kids. A song about cheering them on, supporting them, carrying them but at the same time giving them the strength they need to make good decisions in life, give them their own wings to FLY on their own! I finished writing the song while my oldest son was in hospital, fighting for his life. He got a bone marrow transplant and his little brother was his donor. So this song means so, so much to me. I wrote it while I was terrified that I would lose my son, and now I will perform it knowing that he survived. My lifes biggest battle is won, now I am more than ready to take on the next battle!

4. What is your favorite song and why?
There are so many beautiful songs in the world 🥰 If I should name one favorite song it could be “Both sides now” by Joni Mitchell.

5. What is your favorite song other than your song from this year’s MGP?
I have to say I really enjoy Subwoolfers song, it’s so catchy!

6. What is your first memory of Eurovision?
We always watch Eurovision together as a family, and I remember that my mom said about someone “Oh, she’s nervous”
I had never heard about that before, that was the first time I heard that word, and I sure have been nervous a time or two after that 😅

7. Of all the Eurovision songs, which would be the top three favorites?
Hard to pick only three favorites 🤩 But here it goes!
Carola: Fångad av en stormvind
Loreen: Euphoria
Robin Stjernberg – You
(Sweden doesn’t pay me for saying this 🤪)

We wish a huge good luck to Maria, and bring that emotional and beautiful song to the final!

Here you can watch her video of the song:

And the lyrics video:

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