Sanremo, Amadeus is still there: the third Festival in a row is official


 The conductor decided to go up again on the Ariston stage: “I for one would never have thought of conducting three Festivals in a row. It’s a great joy, I can’t wait “

And three. Amadeus finally let himself be fooled once again by the charm of the Sanremo Festival. He will again be on the stage of the Ariston as conductor and artistic director for a Festival that hopefully finally with the theater full (as long as the variants do not want to exhaust all the letters of the Greek alphabet, which are also 24). The announcement arrived on Tg1 at 8 pm with a video message: “But who would have thought that? I for one would never have thought of conducting three festivals in a row. It is a great joy, I can’t wait to start working, listening to the songs, sharing them with you. And then there will be entertainment, fun, emotions and many surprises ».

So again Amadeus, we will see with whom, the full names will be the next Olympic sport. It is difficult to think that Fiorello may still be there because the risk of repetition would be too great (at most the showman could carve out an evening as a guest, perhaps the opening for a sort of handover with the previous year). Cast to do and new songs to look for, after the undoubted success of last year that launched Måneskin in the musical Olympus (thanks also to the victory in Eurovision) and offered a contemporary musical proposal, certified by the post Festival success of many songs (the “Musica lightissima” by Colapesce and Dimartino above all). So again Amadeus who reaches Claudio Cecchetto (conductor between 1980 and 1982) and Carlo Conti (between 2015 and 2017) with this consecutive treble. Up there for now unreachable are Pippo Baudo and Mike Buongiorno who have made five of the Festival in a row.

Amadeus III. Yet it didn’t seem so obvious. Indeed, as soon as the last edition was over, the conductor was clear: “There will be no Love, we had already decided, Fiorello and I joked about it, but the third Sanremo in a row will not be there”. So hot. Then the magic of the Festival and the sewing work of the director of Rai1 Stefano Coletta did the rest. So much so that at the presentation of the Rai schedules last June the door that seemed closed had already become half open: “We have talked a lot in recent months – Coletta had anticipated -, I cannot say that there has been a clear rethinking but we are also talking with him compared to Sanremo and other events on Rai1 ». Today Coletta celebrates the signing of the contract and reflects on the excellent work done as artistic director: “The musical journey undertaken two years ago by Amadeus marked an important cultural change in the history of the Festival that brought the Måneskin, winners of the last edition, to win also the Eurovision Song Contest, an important international recognition for the Italian song. It is in this direction of innovation, one of the objectives of the Public Service, that Rai intends to continue to increasingly enhance musical talent through the most popular television event in the country “.

The name of Amadeus today convinces everyone: not only the Rai top management, but also the record companies – who acknowledge that he has helped the movement in a very difficult moment, with live shows now in their second year of blackout – and advertisers: the daily success dei Soliti Ignoti with more than five million spectators in the evening is there to witness it.

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