🇩🇪 Germany’s finalists in their National Selection for JESC 2021


German Brodcaster NDR and KiKa had been selected the finalists for their national selection for JESC 2021 and here their are:

Marta (10) comes from Bad Salzuflen in North Rhine-Westphalia. She loves to be on the stage and perform Besides singing, dancing is also one of her passions and especially jazz dance! Her biggest role model is her singing teacher.

Pauline (12) comes from near Koblenz in Rhineland-Palatinate. Next to singing, she also loves to drum. Her other hobbies are playing the piano and acting in the theatre. She has already won several prizes.

Emilie (13) comes from Homburg in Saarland. She loves to make music with other people and already formed her own band! Next to singing, she also plays the trumpet and the cornet. Her role models are Adele and Taylor Swift.

Marta, Pauline and Emilie already selected two songs of the four songs that were especially produced for this national final. The names of the songs have not yet been announced. According to KiKa project manager Marko Thielemann, the titles are “rather cheerful – from pop anthems to good-mood songs”. In terms of content, it’s about friendship, solidarity and just to be the way you are.

The final of the selection will take okaon 10th of September from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in Central Club in Erfurt and will be broadcasted on KiKa. Jessica Schöne and Ben – who are known for hosting ”KiKa Live” – will be presenting the show. Great to know, that there will be an audience doing the final. However, you can’t buy tickets for the show, because school children from around Erfurt were asked if hey wanted to be part of the audience.

Doing the final, there will be a jury that will comment on the different performance. However, the viewers at home will be the one that decides which song and singer will represent Germany at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Paris.

If you want to know more about GERMANY IN JESC 2021, CLICK HERE!

Much of the article was taken from ESC United!

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