๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Spain brodcaster RTVE will return to national selection for Eurovision 2022


The two time winner and member from the Big 5, Spain are announcing new plans to regain their former glory. Spain hasn’t seen the left side of the scoreboard since 2014, when Ruth Lorenzo represented the nation with “Dancing in the Rain”.

After getting nil points from the televote during Eurovision 2021, the national broadcaster, RTVE, is now shacking things up with new plans.

RTVE, together with the Benidorm City Council have agreed to hold a Spanish national final in the Alicante town, Benidorm and also used to promote Spanish music. This will also serve as the mechanism to select the next representative for Spain in Eurovision 2022. The national selection will consist of two semi-finals and a grand final, at the end of February, with the active participation of record companies, where the winner will have the opportunity to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The song which will eventually be representing Spain in the next Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen through a be public vote and jury vote which also includes an international mix. Songs for the festival will be made available in sometime in autumn.

During the announcement of these details, RTVE President, Josรฉ Manuel Pรฉrez Tornero, stated that Benidorm is a great launching for Spanish music to Europe through Eurovision and they want it to be a real whilst open to all kinds of music, especially young and modern music.

More details are yet to be announced.

source: eurovisionworld.com

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