Welcome to rehearsal day 2! We will be here every day to show you how this year’s rehearsals will go!

Cyprus a total disappointment for me, I was expecting a more interesting show, no, I was wrong. It’s just Elena with 4 dancers who have a mirror screen behind them,pyro and nothing more. Her live was disappointing!
Tix as expected reinterpreted MGP performance 100%, adding some very nice backgrounds. I think he will be 100% qualified
Croatia fantastic surprise, lots of colors, a panel full of lasers passing through it. I can only say WELCOME CROATIA IN THE FINAL.
Belgium, which will be the darkhorse of the edition, was something minimalist, literally black. There were four cubes on which were backing the vocal, the pianist, the guitarist and the drummer and in the middle was the singer. Qualification possible.
==BREAK (12:30-13:40)==
I admit that I didn’t like Israel at all. But when I saw the staging and heard the note at the end, it was a BOMB. Congratulations Eden, not only are you qualified, but you are definitely in the top 10.
What did you do in Romania? You disappointed me the most with Roxen’s voice that was out of breath … I hope you fix the problem, otherwise he returns home.
Efendi, I didn’t expect much from her. But the beautiful voice, the terrible moment. I felt in the video but with a different background.
==BREAK (15:30-16:00)==
Very original Ukraine, I really liked it and I’m not a big fan. A white platform with trees and a lot of qualification.
Malta had expectations. Unfortunately you didn’t give them to me so you seriously disappointed me. And where the hell is that sexy boy ??? Do you want to win? Maybe next year.
Officially the second day is finish, see you tomorrow with even more Eurovision Rehearsals!

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