Welcome to rehearsal day 1! We will be here every day to show you how this year’s rehearsals will go!

🇱🇹Lithuania rehearsal:

Yes, FIRST REHEARSAL appeared and I can say that I am completely disappointed with Lithuania which would have been a potential winner. Dress the same, the same choreography, the frames filmed as … Totally UNQUALIFIED for me

Photo gallery: Lithuania opens Day 1 – Eurovision Song Contest

Video :

🇸🇮Slovenia rehearsal:

Slovenia is great! They used the LED very nicely and it looks very nice all the time overall. Ana has a great voice.

Photo gallery: Slovenia hits the stage – Eurovision Song Contest


🇷🇺Russia rehearsal:

All I can say about Russia is that Manizha is small and crowded. Great moment, I can’t wait to see the reaction of the audience.

Photo gallery: Russia First Rehearsal 2021 – Eurovision Song Contest


🇸🇪Sweden rehearsal:

Sweden is no surprise, it’s just like in the Melodifestivalen final. Congratulations Sweden!

Photo gallery: Sweden First Rehearsal 2021 – Eurovision Song Contest





🇦🇺Australia live on tape rehearsal:

Australia has nothing special, it’s just dressed in latex and nothing more.

Photo gallery: Behind The Scenes at Montaigne’s recording for Eurovision 2021 – Eurovision Song Contest

Video: Exclusive sneak preview: Montaigne from Australia records her performance for Eurovision 2021 – YouTube

🇲🇰North Macedonia rehearsal:

Macedonia has just grown on my list so very exciting, I think it will have the impact of Macedonia 2019. Thanks Vasil for this moment!

Photo gallery: North Macedonia First Rehearsal 2021 – Eurovision Song Contest


🇮🇪Ireland rehearsal:

Ireland we suspect used augmented reality, because everything was literally black.

Photo gallery: Ireland First Rehearsal 2021 – Eurovision Song Contest


Officially the first day is ready, see you tomorrow with even more Eurovision Rehearsals!

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