Interview with Anxhela Peristeri!


 Anxhela Peristeri happily accepted the interview with us:

(In case you are wondering who Raul is, he is the founder of EuroAlfa)

“I happily accept the interview Raul!”

RaulWhat determined you to participate in FiK59 (Q1)

AnxhelaIt was always a dream for me to participate in Eurovision Song Contest and now it is the right time to realise it. Due to the quarantine laws i have plenty of time to focus on finding the right song , working with my lyricist and my composer on Karma and practising very hard to achieve the best vocal and stage representation in order to please my fans.

Raul: What will disappear from the moment presented at FIK 59 and what will appear new to you compared to FiK 59 on the Rotterdam stage? (Q2)

Anxhela: There will be a lot of changes in my live stage performance in Rotterdam compared to my FIK59 appearance but i wouldn’t like to reveal anything. It’s going to be a surprise !!!

Raul: How is this period for you? (Q3)

AnxhelaAlthough it’s a difficult period for everyone due to covid 19, i feel very energetic, preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest, and keep my spirits up!

Raul: What message do you have for your fans? (Q4)

AnxhelaDon’t be afraid to follow your karma! Always shine!  Stay positive and safe!

You can listen and sing “KARMA” with our lyric video:

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