Accreditation For SELECTIA NATIONALA Eurovision Romania

I am very happy that I obtained the ACCREDITATION for the NATIONAL SELECTION of Eurovision Romania, that I will have the opportunity to meet the representative of Norway, the winner of the MGP 2020, Ulrikke Brandstorp, but also with the winner of 2012, Loreen who has prepared a moment of about 20 years. minutes.
How did I get the accreditation?
Romanian television opened the application for accreditation on February 18, 2020, I applied on Friday (21.02.2020) and today I received the answer.
How did I find out?
Well I was home and learning and suddenly I do not know what comes to me to check my service email, and I notice that I get an email like:”Important message. The scene is 15 meters away from the photojournalists’ place.”I am very happy so I hope to fulfill my dream and go there !!!Have a nice day 🙂

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