I Have The Accreditation For The Junior Eurovision 2019!!!!


Hello and welcome to my blog!Today I will tell you how I obtained the accreditation for Junior Eurovision 2019 in Gliwice-Silesia!Well first time, I read the fact that until October 25, you can still apply for accreditation of the press and fans!Nonsense, I submitted that request for accreditation, believing that they will not accept me “I ,student in the 10th grade will not accept those from EBU to be in the press”. This is happening SUNDAY, October 13th around 14:00!And today, Monday, October 14th, 2019, in a beautiful day in Romania, in the field of English, I open my email and see that I have an email entitled “Gliwice-Silesia 2019: Application approved!”

!!OMG !!

When I saw this thing I was speechless and my heart started beating very, very hard!I told a colleague who was “wow you really have the opportunity to do what you like.” Then I show her the email and she asked me if I went … the answer with another opportunity!Thank you for taking the time to see my joy in being accredited as a press officer in Junior Eurovision 2019!

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